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  Householder Inc.

A company founded by Charles Householder Jr. The logo employs the analogy to the Greek mythology, where the Titan Atlas is holding the Earth on his shoulders.    More designs



Young Professionals Group

YPG is a part of the British Computer Society (BCS). The logo was the winner of an international design competition. The figure symbolizes youth, energy and modernness. The elegance of the few lines expresses the professionalism, the circle demarcates the group.




A company active in domain name business. Paraphrasing Hollywood as the world film industry capital. The silhouette of the hills and the composition of the characters are very similar to those of the "HOLLYWOOD" sign on the hills above Hollywood.    The website




A revolutionary solution for golf shops and other small businesses. The highly abstract logo originates in the shop system philosophy and the spheric form of the golf ball expressing: 1. Interconnectivity of information parts into a unified whole. 2. A complex problem reduced to a simple solution. 3. A new light shining on a familiar complexity. 4. An automation of a repeating process. 5. A sense of security and comfort in having the product. 6. A feeling of accomplishment by the user of the product.   More designs   The website



World Tomasch Center

A family genealogy site. The initial letter "T" in three mutually perpendicular planes symbolizing the geographic distribution of the Tomasch people and the three main etymologically distinct groups of them.



Visual Rights (ViRi.com)

A web photo market (photo bank).



DownloadFAST.com, Inc.

A company offering a new, more efficient method of software distribution, developed for independent authors (programmers) and small software enterprises. The logo is a complete remake of the original logotype, now with a more corporate look and limited number of colors. The CD-ROM as the most common medium for software distribution is in a very close contact to the company name that is warped as a result of the high speed, just as directly the authors and customers are connected through this solution.



Webton Office

Global trademark protection solutions.



Business Gates Corporation

Gates leading to a successful business: Business ideas, business plans, venture capital, project management, marketing, corporate identity (naming, branding, trademark design, corporate design).




International outsourcing solutions for IT industry and IT departments of SMEs. The basic idea is: "We'll bring IT to you."

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