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  Netis Consulting s.r.o.

A European web and software development company, specialized in Java technology.


Word of Wordland

Word of Wordland

The website of a Slovak Internet network. Slovakia means literally Wordland in the Slovak language. The Tatra Mountains are one the symbols of Slovakia, used also in the official coat of arms. The initial "W" (of "word") represents the information resources (mostly in the form of words) provided by the network.   The website




A new Internet portal. The typeface symbolizes the young spirit and dynamism of the company.



Lumata Inc.

An Oklahoma company providing IT solutions, especially web applications.



InfoBust InfoBroker

An information broker.


Global Forum

Global Forum of the Save the Children NW Fundraisers

A global discussion forum of a charity organization.


Bad Boyz

Bad Boyz

"Bad Boyz" streetball team.


BHAK Wien 10

Gastroenterology Specialists of Lexington

A logo for two gastroenterologists in Lexington, Kentucky.


Penta RM

Penta RM

A company founded by five (Greek "penta") partners, all with initials R. M., producing chairs and other furniture. Two chairs in the RM-form achieving the perfection of Yin and Yang.




An American and Canadian provider of information services.    The Website

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